Interesting Articles related to Accident Law Florida

Interesting Articles related to Accident Law Florida

The first article describes the process that experienced Palm Beach car accident lawyers like Scott B. Smith take to serve a defendant in a case where the defendant simply cannot be found. The Accident Law Florida requires that the defendant must be served within 120 days after the filing of the initial pleading. But if the defendant still cannot be located after every possible effort has been made to find them, the Florida Secretary of State has a procedure which will allow for a “substituted service”. There are strict guidelines to follow but basically the procedure allows a case to go forward where the defendant may have become a nonresident or possibly is concealing their whereabouts.

A. Service of Process: Gaining Substitute Service on the Operator or Owner of a Motor Vehicle

The second article is about accidents that involve a car colliding with the rear of a tractor-trailer or actually crashing underneath it. In many of these cases the car driver is presumed to be negligent in causing the crash. The car driver usually had the best opportunity to see the truck and avoid contact. But there are many points to consider where the accident could actually have been precipitated by a failure on the truck operator to ensure proper lighting and safety inspections and a host of other possibilities.

B. Tractor-Trailer Underride Accident Analysis: Steering the Case to a Positive Result

C. Press Release – Jan 2009 – Florida Truck Accident Settlement

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