Do-s and Don’t-s after An Auto Collision

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Do-s and Don’t-s after An Auto Collision

If you have been injured in any type of vehicle collision, this general advice is for you. You should speak to an experienced orange county car accident attorney for more recommendations related to your particular incident.

The Do-s

Do Document Your Experience

Be sure to document your injury experience with both photographs and in writing. You should do this as soon as practical after the collision. Shoot good quality photographs of where the collision occurred, the vehicles involved, and your resulting injuries. Keep on taking photographs as your injuries heal, especially your bruises. Also, write about your entire injury experience in diary form, either handwritten or on the computer. Be sure to date your entries and continue writing as long as your injuries impact your life in any way. Take care to protect and back up your writings.

Do make a list of potential witnesses

– Making a list of witnesses will be very useful to your attorney and your case. Include in your list all persons who may have seen the incident, were involved in the collision, or may have any other information regarding what occurred. For each person, jot down their contact information (confirm that it is right), what relevant information they possess, and whether they are likely to be helpful or hostile if called as a witness.

Do take care of yourself

– You need to follow all of your doctor’s orders and attempt to recover from your collision. The law actually requires you to make good faith efforts to heal in order to collect damages for your injuries. This means that if your medical team orders testing, prescriptions, x-rays, physical therapy, and the like, you need to follow through with these orders. Also, be sure to keep all appointments with your medical professionals. Call if you cannot make an appointment, and be sure to reschedule it immediately.

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The Dont’s

Don’t speak to insurance adjusters

– Adjusters work for insurance companies that aim to settle your case a soon as possible for as little money as possible. It is in your best interest to have a orange county car accident attorney involved to deal with adjusters. Your orange county car accident attorney is your advocate and wants you to receive all that you may be entitled to for your losses.

Don’t engage in work or play that’s not recommended

-It is important that you follow the advice of your doctors and physical therapists regarding limitations on your activities, both employment and hobbies. Allow your orange county car accident attorney to work on your behalf to recover your lost wages. You may do major damage to your case if you do not follow your doctors’ and therapists’ orders.

If you experienced injures as a result of an automobile incident, you should seek an experienced orange county car accident attorney as soon as possible to provide you advice specific to your case. Be sure to not talk to insurance company representatives, before you have an attorney. Insurance companies want to try and get you to agree to a monetary amount for your injuries before you have the opportunity to speak to an attorney. It is not in the insurance company’s best interest for you to learn that your injuries might be worth more than what it is offering.
The following are other recommended actions that anyone injured in a car accident should try to do in order to be in the best position possible to recover for any losses due to injuries.

Document your accident experience

Document your experience by taking quality photos and by keeping a written diary as soon as possible after the injury causing incident. Take photographs of both the accident scene and of your injuries. Keep snapping photos of your injuries as they heal, especially bruises. Do your legal case a favor, and take good quality photos so that you have the option to blow them up for exhibit purposes later.
Regarding your diary, write about all you can remember from the accident as well as how your injuries affect you life throughout the pendency of the case. Be specific and detailed in your writings.

Make a list of tour “Cast of Characters”.

It will be very helpful to your case and your attorney to put together a cast of characters, or potential witness list. This is a detailed listing of potential people who can help tell your story. Include all people who are potential witnesses, or might have relevant information to you case. For each person, provide the following: 1) Names and contact information (i.e., phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, etc.); 2) What information this person might have in as much detail as possible; 3) Your relationship to this person; 4) Whether this person is likely to be a friend or foe as a witness.

Make recovering from you injuries your priority

You have a duty to attempt to get better from your injuries in order to be compensated for your losses. Thus, you need to take good care of yourself and most especially, follow the advice of your doctors and therapists. Whatever your doctors recommend from testing to physical therapy, you need to make the best efforts possible to do. If any limitations are suggested regarding your employment or extracurricular activities, it is very important that you follow the advice given.

Take photos

Take photos of your injury and keep taking them throughout the healing process. For instance, bruises tend to show up later. Take photos of the scene of the accident or injury. Take photos of anything that you think could help document what happened or be relevant to your case. Do yourself and your attorney a favor and take quality photos. Low-resolution photos do not enlarge very well. Quality photos are especially important in the event that your case goes before a jury.

Don’t talk to insurance adjusters until after you consult with an attorney

Keep in mind that an insurance company has the goal of settling your case before you actually talk to an attorney. An insurance adjuster does not want you to learn that your case may be worth more money to you than what the adjuster is offering. Your orange county car accident attorney can offer you advice regarding how to deal with a claims adjuster in your particular matter.

Keep a journal

It is amazing how many little details the average person forgets shortly after an accident occurs. Write down what happened in as much detail as possible, as soon as possible. These notes may even be useful as admissible evidence later in court.

Contact Witnesses

People that witnessed your injury or have relevant information about the car accident are key to the success of your case. It is important to identify witnesses, obtain their contact information, and make contact with them as soon as possible after the injury. Your orange county car accident attorney will be able to offer you suggestions as to potential witnesses and how to approach them.

Keep track of all your expenses.

Keep all of your receipts for anything you purchase or expenses you incur in relation to your auto accident and the resulting injury. You are more likely to recover expenses that are documented.
Your failure to do any of the above actions may work against you in settlement negotiations or if your case goes to trial.
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