Effects of Timing of Representation on Claim Consciousness

Effects of Timing of Representation on Claim Consciousness

Claim adjusters are suspicious of people who retain a personal injury lawyer at the beginning of the claim. Claim adjusters mainly have an intention and believe that they have the opportunity to work with the person who has been injured. They can comprehend if a claimant is retaining a personal injury lawyer when there is a disagreement over the claim value or if negotiations have reached a deadlock. The fact that the claimants have been denied the opportunity to deal with the injured person directly puts them on edge. Letters of representations that have been dated on the day or after the accidents alerts the adjusters that the injured person might have a claim conscious claimant. Also, the duration that has passed between when accident happened and when the claimant was first called an attorney may also signal the adjusters to handle the claim as a red flag. When an injured person admits to calling an attorney while still at the accident scene will even make the adjusters dig deeper. If the claimant seems to wise in the manner that he or she is making the claims, the alarm will automatically go off. The attorney should not appear to be eager to settle a claim as it will make the adjusters question the validity of the claim.

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