Filling Insurance Claim

Filling Insurance Claim

When an individual has an accident the next step is to file an accident claim. Once the insurance company receives the information for the claim a record is created regarding the case. At that point an Claims adjuster is assigned to the case. If the case goes on longer there is chance that more than one adjuster could be assigned to it.

The claims adjuster assign to the case will stay in contact with the individual who filed the claim or with their legal counsel if one is retained for the case. As part of their investigation into the accident the claims adjuster will look into the following aspects of the case:

Determining the location of where the accident happened.

Who is liable in the accident the individual or someone else.

If the individual does have any responsibility for the accident along with the injuries sustained.

Locating witnesses to the accident who can verify what actually happened.

Finding any in all reports filed about the accident. This could include police reports and medical reports.

An adjuster could also look into how the accident has affected the individual’s work activity. In other words have they missed any time off work as a result of the accident. Then any medical bills along with prescription cost, lost wages and other expenses that a person has faced due to the accident are looked into along with being taken into consideration. After reviewing all the information at hand the insurance claim adjuster will help to determine if the individual’s claim is justified and paid off.

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