Key information needed when building a mental injury case

Key information needed when building a mental injury case

When involved with a mental injury case there are steps that need to be taken to ensure that the plaintiffs attorney is well equipped with the necessary information that will help him win the case. Information that begins with but not limited to the childhood of the plaintiff leading up to the actual event of said injury. This can be key factors that can strengthen the plaintiffs case.

Childhood trauma such as events that left the plaintiff acceptible to future disabilities such as being incapable of communicating with other’s correctly, feeling nervous around large crowds or not being able to maintain a job are some affects that can follow mental trauma. This can ultimately hinder th plaintiff from living a normal adult life. The attorney might also need information of more recent occurrences such as recent deaths, financial struggles,relationship issues, or other events that would put a strain on the plaintiffs mental health. Other key information that should be obtained by the attorney is if the plaintiff has ever taken any psycotropic medication or has seen a therapist of any kind prior to this mental injury. Lastly the attorney should know of all, if any criminal offences that the plaintiff has been charged with or accused of. This includes behavior problems as a adolescent.

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