Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorneys Covering South Florida

Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorneys Covering South Florida

West Palm Beach, Jupiter & Palm Beach Gardens

The 2005 U.S. Census calculated there were almost 5 1/2 million residents in South Florida, with nearly 1.5 million of that total in Palm Beach County. Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorneys are here to assist you. With that many people there are bound to be a lot of situations where someone is going to get hurt due to pure negligence on the part of another business or person. When you suffer serious personal injuries through the fault or carelessness of another you have a legal right to be compensated by the liable party. Injuries in a personal injury case means much more than just the physical injury itself. We Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorneys take into account our clients’ future employment, foreseeable medical treatment and costs, future rehabilitation, vocational retraining and economic loss. Furthermore, injuries may have psychological components that impact a client’s life that have to be taken into account as well. “Post Traumatic Stress” can result from even a routine accident without devastating injuries, but can impact a person’s marriage, job and normal functioning in society.

Having an experienced Palm Beach injury law firm is absolutely vital in a personal injury case because the insurance companies’ claim’s adjusters can not be trusted. They’re jobs are to save their company money by giving out as little money as possible on claims. The insurance industry’s own statistics concluded that those who retain lawyers to help them with their personal injury and wrongful death claims fare better than those who do not.

It is never too soon to contact a Palm Beach Florida personal injury attorney after your accident. If you’re in: Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Boca Raton, North Palm Beach, Palm Springs FL, Lake Park or Tequesta call the law firm Smith, Ivey & Fronrath for free consultation now. An early prepared case can only work to your advantage. In addition, an attorney experienced in dealing with personal injuries can assist in establishing liability, accurately assess injury damages and help to speed up the process of receiving compensation and lost wages.

Our firm has acquired significant experience negotiating personal injury and wrongful death claims out of court and litigating through the legal system, when necessary. We are all personally dedicated to seeing you receive the maximum compensation entitled by law.

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