Physical Evidence for Slip and Fall Cases

Physical Evidence for Slip and Fall Cases

Even the best description of a slip and fall accident does not compare to a photograph. The photograph needs to show the location of the slip and fall on the day of the accident to be used in court. A person should give all photos to their personal injury lawyer and document the area in which they fell. They should have pictures from several different angles and show the background and other physical features of where they fell. All pictures need to be in color. If a person feel on the stairs at least one picture so should show in which direction they were traveling.

Measurements are important in slip and fall cases. Changes in the location such as the elevation of walkways, broken areas, holes, depressions or cracks need to be measured immediately. It may be too late by the time an official report is issued. An investigator will document their measurements as well as experts. If there have been changes to the location for it was documents then prior proof and data is going to be needed. The measurements should be accurate so a full scale drawing can be made. They also need to be specific in showing the location of where the fall happened.

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