Things to Know About Insurance Claim Adjusters

Things to Know About Insurance Claim Adjusters

Make sure your attorney is familiar with the different firms in your area, and that your attorney is aware of their different traits. Different firms deal with negotiations in different ways – while bigger firms can be easier to deal with, more successful firms can be more strict in their demands.
There are many women present in the adjustment field. Women are generally highly polite, and expect the same from you and your attorney. Treat the adjuster as your equal, regardless of gender, and make sure to match her level of preparedness and negotiation.
Make sure your attorney is getting a feel for the adjuster’s style. After your attorney accomplishes this basic assessment, the negotiations will go more smoothly.
You and your lawyer should try to connect with the insurance claim adjusters on a personal level, don’t act like you’re too busy to discuss non-claim related issues, make small talk!
Handle the negotiations like the adjuster has the authority to settle. Although she is probably accountable to a superior, act like that isn’t the case.
Finally, be reasonable with your demands. Maybe the opposing view is actually closer to the correct one. Be ready to negotiate, and the other side will too.

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