Top Causes of New Hampshire Auto Accidents

Top Causes of New Hampshire Auto Accidents

New Hampshire Auto Accidents

No one plans to get in an auto accident; in fact, most people would rather avoid the

bother, pain and inconvenience that car accidents create. Nevertheless, most people

will experience a car accident at some time in their life; over 25 million car accidents

happen each year in the United States, and approximately 58,000 people die in these

accidents annually. The major causes of car accidents are mostly avoidable, and

knowing what they are can help keep you safe. However, if you are ever a victim of a

car accident, you should consult with an experienced New Hampshire auto accident

attorney to get you the best compensation possible.

Some common causes for car accidents:

  • Speeding: Being reckless and driving well above the speed limit makes a driver unable torespond effectively to obstacles in the road or changes in road conditions. Manyspeeding accidents lead to fatalities.
  • Drunk driving: Drivers who get behind the wheel when buzzed or drunk are very likelyto have a serious auto accident. They have a slower response time and are often unableto avoid obstacles or adapt to changing driving conditions.
  • Cell phone use: Texting or talking on a cell phone while driving takes the driver’sattention away from the road and can easily lead to an accident. Many states now havelaws requiring the use of headsets for drivers, but even talking on a headset or“Bluetooth” while driving can be a distraction.
  • Fatigue and lack of sleep: Unfortunately, many drivers cannot avoid getting behind thewheel when they have not had enough sleep. Although family or work commitmentsmight necessitate driving while fatigued, all drivers should try to get some rest beforedriving.
  • Other distractions: There are many other distractions that can cause even a good driverto get in an auto accident because of only a few seconds inattention. So be careful toremove and take care of all distractions prior to turning on the car.

If you have suffered an injury in an automobile accident, you should find legal

representation to help you through the process. Physical recovery is expensive, and if

someone else is at fault, you should not have to spend all your money paying for

someone else’s carelessness. Call an experienced New Hampshire auto accidentattorney for a free initial consultation.

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