Using a personal injury attorney

Using a personal injury attorney

Lowballing – Attorney, Geography, Stigma, Experts

There are many lowballing techniques utilized by nefarious insurance adjusters for lowering damages that rightfully belong to the claimant. This list details a few that claims reps use to bilk their clients.

Using a personal injury attorney

They often have legal looking letters transcribed by attorneys that based their opinions on incomplete and misleading evidence that say the case is meritless. These letters are used to scare clients into settling for very little.

Geographical defense

This defense is often used when the claimant is from another state or geographical area from where the personal injury injury occurred. The claims rep lowballs the claimant by exaggerating the costs of travel, lost work hours and hotel expenses. This is a successful lowballing scheme because the claims reps know the claimants information in detail.

Social stigma defense

In this technique, the claims reps attack the esteem of the claimant to keep them from wanting to be brought into court in front of a jury. They may assert that someone looks would preclude a jury from siding with them no matter the merits.

Expert shopping

This is when the claims rep finds a suspect expert that will testify to anything for a fee. This is done most often to offset the vast amount of evidence that the claimant has in the file, and it all happens under the claims rep’s own auspices.

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