The first interview for mental injury with an attorney is always the basis for establishing the validity of the claims made on the person. This attorney will use the approaches of a guidance counselor in determining and degree and impact posed by the mental injury in the development and life of the individual. Mental injury may cause much different inefficiency in the life of an individual and just like any disability; patients of mental injury should be given consideration in matters to do with job and educational chances. These people are to be examined by the plaintiff’s attorney who will utilize a person, work, educational and biographical data to determine the validity of the mental injury.

Mental injury may result in the life of an individual due to physical accidents within the life history of the individual or due to any kind of torture which may have befallen the individual during early childhood or during their adulthood. The attorney will therefore find something within the information given to ascertain whether the claims are real or not. If not, this analysis is not going to end abruptly and a different attorney may be called upon to conduct further analysis of a persons trauma related details which will be found within the information.

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