You Got Into An Motor Vehicle Accident? What’s Next?

You Got Into An Motor Vehicle Accident? What’s Next?

To decide a dispute many individuals go to court to hear out a judge. This is not the only option though, as going to arbitration can be another option. A common example is when someone gets into a car accident. They can either bring the case to court or go to arbitration. With this decision, the parties opt for a private dispute resolution procedure instead of going to court.

There are pros of going to arbitration in a motor vehicle accident. It is faster, cheaper, and easier. There is only one witness, so the time is reduced to half a day. There are minimal expenses and the results are guaranteed within high-low parameters. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages as well. First, you might not get the result you feel entitled to. Also, there is a risk that the attorney for the other party can be “friendly” with the neutral arbitrator which can sway results. Lastly, you give up the right to a jury, meaning they can award higher amounts.

There are pros and cons to everything. If you ever get into a motor vehicle accident this is definitely something to think about. Going to arbitration can be cheaper, faster, and way easier. Going to court can be safer and more fair. It is a controversial topic regarding these two options, but each are good and bad in their own respect. With a good decision you can get the results you wish for.

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